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Social Networking Challenge!

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Hey guys and gals! I hope you all had a splendid weekend and I hope your Monday gets better. That’s right, even if you are having a good Monday, Mondays can always be better!

Today’s blog is introducing the social networking challenge! Each month I am creating an account with a new social networking site to help spread my love for wire working! I already partake in a few sites, but I want to reach out and connect with people no matter which social networking site they are on. So I came up with the challenge.

Now, before I announce this month’s social network, I want to make sure we are up to speed with which ones I’m part of as of right now.

On Facebook This is where I post updates, giveaways, special news, and more!

I am a proud member of DeviantArt Here I share my favorite wire creations and post major updates.

In August, I added an About.Me page describing who I am, how I got started, and what I make so far.

In September, I started tweeting on Twitter!

In October, I fell in love with blogging here on WordPress!!! October has been a busy, busy month. In addition to blogging, I opened another storefront on Aftcra, and updated my Etsy Shop,

This glorious month of November…. are you ready!?

*Drum roll please*

This month’s Social Networking Site is………… PINTREST! On Pintrest, I post A LOT of DIY Projects, Gift Ideas, and Fun Projects to do with Kids! There is so much inspiration on there! Join me and let’s craft together!

If you want to hop on board and join a new social networking site each month, do it! If you have a suggestion on which one should be next comment below, I would love to hear your suggestions!

Join me tomorrow for Goody Tuesday and see what kinds of goodies I have to share!

Signing off- L


Author: Lacie

I am the owner and operator at Enlacing Designs which is currently based in Oklahoma City, OK. I enjoy wire working, cycling, knitting, camping, riding motorcycles, and coffee. From earrings to push pins, I create simple and elegant designs that are perfectly exquisite for formal gatherings yet modest enough for daily use.


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